We respect the traditions of Czech industry

We believe that our ancestors have prepared solid foundations. We respect those who have taken care of building the industrial foundation of our country. We see admirable diligence, vision and craftsmanship of golden Czech hands.

We follow current trends

We track state-of-art trends in targeted industry sectors. We strive to ensure that our clients always have a competitive advantage in their field.

We create useful synergies

We always try to take advantage of existing synergies. We connect our clients and their projects. We create clusters that benefit all parties.

Mergers and acquisitions

We offer comprehensive services in the area of purchase and sale of companies

We will prepare the company for sale with you, applying a maximizing value policy. We will find suitable buyers. We carry out the entire sales process “turnkey”, including the preparation of complete transaction documentation. The sales process is carried out discreetly and with a view to not disrupting your company’s normal operating activities.

It is usually part of a growth strategy where, in order to acquire significant capabilities, capacities or market share, it is preferable to buy a share in an already established company with the necessary capabilities, real business relationships and functional capacities. We will select suitable companies for you (including their value assessment) and arrange their consent to the transaction. We will provide you with transaction financing and business plan preparation. We implement Due Diligence, as well as preparation of transaction documentation. We are able to support the company management if you do not receive the necessary management capacities. The transaction is made “turnkey”.

We will help you implement industry consolidation from finding a suitable partnership for the purpose of capital interconnection, through negotiating the partnership process with the consent of stakeholders, performing Due Dilligence  and elaborating company valuing, to processing of transaction documentation. The transaction is made “turnkey”.


We provide not only practical consultancy in the field of company management, but also its practical implementation if necessary.

Real professional and personal life brings unexpected challenges to the operation of the company. We are ready to deploy experienced and reliable Interim managers in your favor with a focus on Business, Manufacturing, Management, Economics and Finance. Our specialized Interim managers are able to further develop business capabilities, optimize production processes and improve the company profitability in a short time.

Having a vision “where the company will be in 5 to 10 years and how it will achieve it” is a fact that creates the value of the company. We will suggest a practical procedure and you will receive our support in formulating a strategy / vision with a specific impact on the production / business portfolio, competitiveness management, setting up the company’s management, implementation of future investments, etc.

There are situations where the owner of the company cannot or no longer wants to proceed with day-to-day management of the company. In these situations, it is advantageous for the company’s management to be able to independently implement the corporate strategy. In cooperation with the owner and management of the company, we set up a comprehensive autonomous administration of all major and supporting processes. It is always a complex project covering all areas of the company. Autonomous management of the company is a suitable alternative to selling the company. The owner of the company remains the owner without having to carry out day-to-day administration. The management of the company is the implementer of the growth of the company’s value. It is an exaggeration to say that the owner also creates his own “bank” from his business.

We will help you compile complete business plans that cover all areas of the company’s life. The plans specifically define the implementation of the strategy (medium- and short-term planning) in all relevant areas. We also implement a smaller business case in order to assess the efficiency, return on investment or assess the possible footprint and product expansion.

Economic consulting is a cross-cutting service for the purpose of controlled growth of the company’s value. Company valuation is a specific calculation that gives you an insight into the value of your company at a given time.

Controlling includes the development of a business plan into specific and measurable goals, indicators and their regular evaluation. It is possible to take specific measures to eliminate operational shortcomings on this base. The point is to manage the company’s profitability, in short, to develop, produce and distribute products and services that are truly profitable. Profitability management thus has an impact on revenue and cost management. To optimize revenue, we provide, among other things, business support with the aim of gradually increasing the attractiveness of your product and services. To optimize costs, we provide, among other things, an auction purchasing system ABRAHÁM, suitable for larger volume purchases.

We strive for a logical sequence of process steps and their mutual synergy at the level of main and supporting processes. Setting up processes in a company always has a historical and personnel context, which may not be the most appropriate. We separate the main processes that form the company value and are a determining factor of prosperity from the support processes. Process optimization is the process of compiling them with an emphasis on practical usability, profitability, reducing the number of nonconforming products, rationality and positive communication in the company. Real and necessary processes are reflected in a logical, transparent organizational structure with a clear setting of responsibilities and powers. These principles are identical both for the simple structure of a small business and for the preparation of a holding structure.

In the event that the owner of the company cannot or does not consider it suitable for him to manage the company personally, we will take over the so-called management administration of the company. Management is carried out on the basis of a contract and a business plan approved by the owner. We will take responsibility for the implementation of the approved plan. The owner basically acts as an investor and is informed regularly and in-detail, you can see more the section “For Investors”. The management of the company is widely used thanks to the flexibility of implementation in terms of time, purpose and the fact that the owner can immediately take control of the company into their own hands.

To master the management of the company, department, employees requires multidisciplinary practical skills, which one acquires for some time. For the necessary time, we are ready to be your mentor, who will support your decision-making with practical experience. As part of Coaching, we will help you discover what you can do.


We provide complete business financing needs. We select the most suitable financing on the market with regard to the most advantageous and safest conditions for the company. We implement financing on the basis of a business plan.

We provide equity financing for situations where loan financing is not appropriate or possible. We also provide capital financing in the form of so-called quasi-equity. This refers to a situation where the business owner can return the capital to the entity that provided it without losing part of the stake / shares in the company. Part of our services is the negotiation of a contract that is clear and secure for the company. A specific form of raising capital is also admission to the Prague Stock Exchange (PBCP), the START market, where our company is an advisor.

Long-term financing includes financing of all investments, acquisitions of other companies. Simply saying, financing the future growth of the company’s value. We also provide long-term financing using the services of state-owned banks and subsidy titles. Part of our services is the negotiation of related contracts.

We will select the most suitable provider for you and negotiate a loan agreement for financing of the company’s operations.

In some cases, banks offer worse conditions than Czech National Bank-approved non-banking institutions. In some cases, the company situation is such that banks do not want to finance them. We will negotiate suitable and secure non-bank financing for companies.

In the common practice of companies, it is necessary to provide a wide range of payment instruments from factoring, bank guarantees and guarantees, etc. We are ready to provide these instruments for companies on a contractual basis.

Investments / Divestments

We will contribute to the successful implementation of your investment projects. The goal is to strengthen your company's position in the market and its further growth.

The preparation of an investment is determined by its simplicity or complexity. For more challenging and complex investments, a number of questions about the goals and investment profitability need to be answered. You need to see the benefits, but also the risks. Think comprehensively about the scope of the investment, technology and its future maintenance, premises, staff, operating conditions, spare parts, profitability, properly concluded contracts, etc. In principle, each investment is about expanding capabilities, market strengthening and growth. We can realize the entire investment for you from A to Z or we will advise you in partial preparation and implementation. As part of the preparation and construction implementation, we provide you with the service of the so-called investor’s representative, where there is a detailed inspection of the construction implementation.

Of course, the financing is the preparation of each investment project. In addition to bank financing, we will also provide support for the financing of state banks (it will significantly reduce financing costs), the negotiation of a suitable subsidy title, but also investment insurance.

Targeted sales of unnecessary supplies, machinery, land and buildings will bring the necessary financial resources. We always sell in a targeted manner against existing demand.

Business support

The development of your company can be realized by penetrating new markets. We are ready to use our experience and contacts for the benefit of your company.

Practical support of foreign markets penetration includes temporary strengthening of your business capacities. The selection of specific potential customers is carried out and then they are addressed with a targeted offer where we address decision makers responsible for the purchase. The aim is to capture specific orders.  For large companies is the aim go to get on  the list of approved suppliers.

Practical support of foreign markets penetration includes temporary strengthening of your business capacities. The selection of specific potential customers is carried out and then they are addressed with a targeted offer where we address decision makers responsible for the purchase. The aim is to capture specific orders.  The aim for large companies is to get on the list of approved suppliers.

Based on the exact specification of unused production capacity, we are looking for potential customers in order to obtain orders.

Significant orders can be obtained from major and creditworthy customers by merging several manufacturers with subsequent added value into an interest cluster (supplier consortium). Our company acts here as a cluster arranger.

In the end, each trade is realized by a business contract.Our benefit is the negotiation of business contracts so that the contract is safe, balanced and feasible for the client without hidden risks.

To support the business, we will help create a marketing strategy and ensure the implementation of PR support, product marketing and well-thought-out specific advertising, eventually adapted to the social networks enviroment.

HR services

People in the company are the key to success. With the state-of-the art approach to personnel management, we will help you to elevate the potential of your employees.

We will help you with the identification and recruitment of key employees. We will prepare an adaptation plan for new or existing employees when moving to a completely new job position.

We will prepare a tailor-made training program for new employees (so-called on-boarding) with the systematic use of internal mentors, active involvement of superior managers and external coaches.

We will help you to build a long-term personal development program, identify the strengths of your key employees and set their career path (ie growth opportunities from a specialist to a managerial position) with a link to a long-term reward and motivation system.

Leadership, communication skills, integration skills – We will prepare and implement a personal sparring partner program for middle and senior management. We emphasize the practical mastery of 3 key skills:

  • leading a team through coaching
  • passing feedback and
  • reponsibility delegation

We will individually prepare the concept of educational paths based on your competency model. We provide content and methodology for educational and development model. Our system consists of 3 pillars:

  • e-learning,
  • virtual class and
  • group training focusing on the exchange of practical experience.

Legal area

As part of the implemented activities and projects, we cooperate and consult legal matters with the Legans lawer


We offer offer you investment preparation and provision – comprehensively and turnkey – Investor services.