We are a company composed of individuals who together form a strong team with experience in the current world economy.


“To be a respected, modern and practical consulting company that benefits small and medium-sized enterprises.”


“Provide comprehensive consulting services, the company as a whole and developing its added value.”


Zdeněk Dvořák

Chairman of the Board
Zdeněk has many years of experience in top corporate management, banking, M&A and strategic projects. He personally managed projects worth billions of CZK. For example, he participated in the restructuring of the state-owned company LOM PRAHA; acquisition and restructuring of Let Kunovice; has prepared and participated in realizing the development of ABS Jets. He also worked at J&T Bank in the area of projects financing and projects preparation for the Bank’s private clients. An important experience was the comprehensive management of more than five billion CZK investment project, where he was responsible for financing, construction and production start-up a new steel plant. He also carried out a number of projects for the acquisition or sale of real economy firms. Zdeněk benefits from knowledge of industry and finance. He is the founder of AG and has brought to the company knowledge of strategic planning, a complete methodology of value added work in M&A, which is our competitive advantage.

Ilja Moravec

Project Manager
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
In his professional career, Ilja has gained significant experience in leadership, projects preparation and management, risk identification and management. He has an analytical and procedural approach to finding solutions in the blood. In his professional practice he has gone through both manufacturing companies and banking. He is a specialist in process analysis and quality and risk management systems. During the M&A process, his extraordinary ability to compile, manage and negotiate transaction documentation is valuable. He has managed major projects. For example, as CEO of 1. Projektová, a.s. he carried out an investment project worth billions of CZK as an EPC contractor. In our team, he is mainly involved in the implementation of acquisitions and system-intensive projects. For example, he was the driving force behind the successful launch of Borealis Exploration Limited shares on the Prime Market Prague Stock Exchange.

Jan Utinek

Head of Commercial Team
Jan brings many years of experience gained mainly from the general engineering sector and the aerospace industry. At Aero Vodochody, as Production Director, he was responsible for improving internal production and logistics processes. He subsequently successfully applied this experience in Business Development for globally operating High-Tech companies. With proven results at Honeywell International, Jan has expanded its product portfolio, sought out and implemented business opportunities, and also performed tasks that led to increased profitability. He applied his experience gained in corporate clients to support the expansion of SME companies, where he set developed and applied strategies for product development, gaining new markets and increasing customer satisfaction. Last but not least, he held the position of CEO, where he actively ensured business development, trade and process optimization in the sector of aircraft components and ground military technology. Jan applies a structured approach, and can effectively manage large projects in a turbulent global environment.

Lubomír Vacek

Head of Manufacturing Consulting
Lubomír has years of experience in leading and managing production companies focused on engineering, electrical and assembly activities. He started his career in a factory for the production of aircraft engines, then managed an assembly plant of personal computers. Then Lubomír managed SMT production and assembly of electronic devices. The majority of his professional career Lubomír devoted to engineering production, where he worked as the director of a factory producing industrial filtration equipment. A significant result of his professional activities is the construction of three manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic valued at tens millions Euros. Recently, he has been working in the field of crisis management. Its domain is the practical implementation of the lean manufacturing principles leading to cost reductions, elimination of waste and the reduction of activities that do not add any value. He is a respected manager, because he cares about dirrect reports, listen to their opinions, but also makes direct decisions, when needed. Measurable indicators of his activities are specific positive results in the areas of cost savings, on-time delivery, quality and safety.

Tomáš Mácha

Chief Advisor
Tomáš přináší do firmy zkušenosti z vrcholového podnikového managementu. Působil zejména na pozicích finančního a generálního ředitele v sektoru výroby i služeb. Svou kariéru začal v bankovnictví, kde se specializoval na financování firemní a korporátní klientely. K jeho profesní vášni patří příprava sofistikovaných business modelů a citlivostních analýz. Dlouhodobě se věnuje přípravě podnikatelských plánů. Ve své praxi se specializuje na projektové financování nejčastěji za účasti bank. Má zkušenosti s krizovým řízením firem a restrukturalizacemi. Za dobu své kariéry po několik let paralelně přednášel na VŠE a také učil na Obchodní akademii.

Vladimír Větrovský

Head of Executive Management Team
Vladimir is a manager within his profession and his convictions and he enjoys the challenges of the changing environment. After many years of experience in macroeconomic research, he founded and ran his own small company for several years, where he verified the functioning young Czechoslovak market economy. Thanks to this, it can take on the role of small and medium-sized companies owners. He subsequently worked for several large companies, including international corporations. In the field of corporate governance, he continued his education and gained specific and comprehensive experience, especially with situations of corporate change and systematic corporate governance. Vladimír specializes in business revitalization and major corporate changes (including responding to sudden market fluctuations). He doesn’t just put out fires but applies a systematic and holistic view of corporate governance, the use of so-called “best practices” and simple managerial truths, such as “what I do not measure, I do not control”, “what I do not plan, I will never achieve” or “manager must not hinder the creativity of people at work”. He can motivate people around him and reach an agreement. On the other hand, Vladimír clearly formulates his requirements and is precise in their implementation. Since 2006 he worked as an independent interim manager, solving both crisis and growth situations. A few years ago, he established a strong group of interim managers with various specializations. Thanks to the availability of this group, Advantage Group a.s.was able to cover the various needs of change or crisis management for its customers at the level of specific managerial positions. Vladimir leads Advantage Group a.s. area of providing services in the field of Executive Management.

Ladislav Dekány

Senior Advisor

During his working career, Ladislav gained a lot of experience in managing people and projects in various companies, from smaller to large multinational corporations. He worked in the companies for which hi-tech development was natural. He is very happy to share knowledge and experience and pass it on to others. That is why he is also involved in the CzechEkoSystem project, where he works as a coach for technological start-ups. Ladislav is a very proven member of the team, which significantly contributes twith his experience in the field of soft-skills development. He successfully participates in projects with the aim of setting up strategic management of companies, project management and / or optimization of company processes.

Petr Kozák

Head of Team Excellence
Peter’s practical experience is based on two areas: building foreign and domestic trade and connecting work teams (sales, service, production, customer care, back office). His domain is primarily the analysis and increase of team productivity and stability. To achieve measurable results, Peter uses the tools and processes of specialized human resources. Starting with talent scouting through setting up a flexible remuneration system to managing coaching for management. Petr and his clients deal with the risk prevention resulting from the loss of key employees and a strategy of personnel management. Together with management, Petr designs and implements rules and processes for effective cooperation across company teams.

Dalibor Večerka

Business Consultant
Dalibor is a succesful businessman. He started his professional career in a foreign trade company, where he gained experience with banks, international payments and creating business contacts. Subsequently, he worked in other business companies, where as a sales director he focused on communication, business and development of contracts with clients over the world. He also traded for the largest insurance broker in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and gained clients in the public and private sectors. He then used the knowledge from these job positions in the company he founded, focusing on optimizing the cost structure, until the optimal price is achieved with the use of electronic auctions with regard to defined client requirements.

Hlavní spolupracující specialisté

Pavel Vaculík

Pavel has worked for a major financial group for a number of years. He prepared business plans and performed due diligence of companies in dealing with acquisitions. As a technical director of the company 1. Projektová, he led a team for the construction of a steel plant in Slovakia and the construction of a hangar at Ruzyně Airport. For SGS Czech Republic, Pavel participatesd in significant and large-scale investment projects in the position of project manager and price manager in total investment costs of over CZK 4 billion. He has experience in managing companies from the position of a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the Supervisory Board. Within the Advantage Group, Pavel assesses technical and technological projects, feasibility studies, and civil engineering activities.

Lenka Toušková

Lenka graduated the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University. Then she gained experience in a professional publishing house, where she led the team of the construction literature department and worked on the development of new products. She then used her organizational skills at a production architectural studio. In recent years, he has been working in the field of property management.

Robin Prinke

Robin gained experience in the field of energy, where he participated in the introduction service customer service centers, which included sales analyses and plans, tallent management and employee evaluation. Robin has experience in setting up sales process and optimizing customer service. In his career he has successfully participated in the implementation and management of IS/IT projects focused on process digitization, implementation and development of information systems, customer portals or reporting tools.

Jan Slavíček

Jan helped to build private banking for the Česká Spořitelna, where he worked as a banking specialist and internal teamwork lecturer. After Erste acquired Česká Spořitelna Jan went abroad for three years to extend language skills and work experience. Once Jan returned to the Czech Republic he started to work in employees Development in the field of internal communication for corporate clients. Then Jan focused on small and medium-sized companies where with owners he supported merge and acquisition projects. Jan led several medium-sized M&A transactions and was responsible for implementation of the project DINO service for Czech Post. Jan’s domain is to increase the value of companies through the board of non-executive directors, moderation of the succession process and the creation of a culture of learning organizations. Jan’s is proud on reference, for example, to Comap, Etnetera Group, or MeDitorial.

Miloš Dubovský

Miloš began his professional career in the Czech Armed Forces, where he developed, among other things, his analytical and procedural approach to solving various tasks. Subsequently, he participated, for example, in the technical and investment development of the state-owned company LOM PRAHA. As Head of procurement at company 1. Projektová Miloš was responsible for supplies for the construction of the steel plant and the construction of the airport hangar. Miloš has experience in companies as a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the Supervisory Board. Miloš has been working in Advantage Group since its establishment and has ensured the operation of not only this company, but also other companies in Advantage Group. Within the Advantage Group, Miloš is responsible for contractual documentation, property and assessment and legal aspects of projects.