Comprehensive services for investors

We offer services tailored to the requirements of the investor – the implementation of the acquisition is carried out “turnkey”.

Selection and purchase of a company to the investor property

In case the investor wants to have direct control over the company ownership, we offer the selection and acquisition of the company

Financing for investors

We offer comprehensive financing especially to smaller investors, combining capital and bank / non-bank sources.

Company administration

In case the investor wants to directly own the company, but does not to actively manage it, we offer the Management of the company. This Management of the company is carried out on the contract basis and a business plan approved by the owner. We take the responisbility for the implementation and execution of this contract and busienss plan. The management of the company is widely used thanks to the flexibility of implementation in terms of time, purpose and the fact that the owner can immediately take the control over the company. This investment form ensures the highest invested found appreciation and secure 100% property control of own assets.

The owner acts as an investor and is regularly and in detail informed, through the input username and password gets and secureed access to  information portal with current comp Investment architecture arrangements for funds

Investment architecture arrangements for funds

For large investment funds, we offer preparation and our participation in the implementation of investment architecture. In practice, these can be consolidations or partial consolidations of the industry. These are acquisitions of several industry entities for the purpose of “chaining added value”. Part of our service is the negotiation of the consent of the purchased entities.any data.