This is an Advantage to work with us!

We will be not only your advisory voice, but also your executive hand in carrying out the tasks that will move your company forward. Our goal is to increase your added value and competitiveness. We provide consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises. We will be your partner in solving complex questions about the management of the company.

Consultancy and services for Management

We will help you formulate your vision and strategy. You will know which way you are going and want to go further. And not only that, in addition, we can deploy experienced and reliable Interim managers in your favor with a focus on:

⇒ Business (sales director, business developer)

⇒ Production (Production Director, Chief Operating Officer)

⇒ Management (Managing director)

⇒ Economy and Finance

Thanks to their experience, our Interim managers can increase the value of your business based on measurable results.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We will help you not only prepare, but also successfully realize the Acquisition of the company with a minimum of effort and risk on your side. In many cases, these may seem to be quite demanding transactions. However, we will take care of all activities with our efforts and sources. The whole process of acquiring a targeted company will be least burdensome and risky for you.

Services for investors

We offer comprehensive services tailored to the investor’s requirements. We carry out the acquisition “turnkey” solutions. We will provide you with all necessary steps, the selection of the company that fits to your strategy, through the provision of financing to the actual execution of the transaction.

In case of interest, we also subsequently provide management of the acquired company.

Where to look for growth opportunities?

We identify with you business opportunities according to current and future needs. Subsequently, we can help you with the implementation of suitable solutions.

We will prepare the purchase or sale of the targeted company, we will arrange the complete implementation of the transaction “turnkey”.


We will be not only your advisor, but we can also directly take responsibility for selected areas of management of your company.

Investments / Divestia

We will arrange the implementation of investment projects according to your individual assignment, you can entrust us with the implementation of the whole project.


We will provide you with comprehensive financing of the company.

Business Support

We will be the extended hand of your Sales department.

HR services

The key to the company’s success is your colleagues and co-workers. We will help with their development.